COVID-19 Walking Activities

NOTE: ALL WALKS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL MONDAY 26th OCTOBER. Note also that a number of walks after this date may have changed, and may change again in the future depending on restrictions. Emails will be sent if the situation changes, and the Current Walk Statuses page will be updated.

Current MWC Directions for Outdoor Walks:

•  The walks program from 26th October onwards is currently proceeding as advertised, except for some individual walks that may be changed or cancelled.
•  Anyone intending to join a walk must contact the leader beforehand to find out if a place is available and book in for the walk.
•  Everyone must observe social distancing.
•  Do not carpool as it is difficult to maintain social distance inside a car.
•  Stay at home if you feel unwell, have a mild cold/cough or been in contact with someone suspected to have coronavirus.

Projected Covid-19 Restrictions (subject to change):

•  After 26th October 2020, and subject to less than an average of 5 new cases per day and zero new cases from an unknown source for 14 days prior, and subject to advice from health officials, up to 10 people can gather outdoors, i.e. a maximum of 10 people per walk, who must all be members.
•  After 23rd November 2020, and subject to zero new cases state wide for 14 days prior, and subject to advice from our health officials, up to 50 people can gather outdoors, groups up to 20 people may dine indoors and outdoor dining allowed subject to density quotient, i.e. a maximum of 50 people per walk.

For specific details, see the Current Walk Statuses page.

The link below points to a great resource for people who like walking but are currently restricted to doing local walks in their area.

It was compiled by Ian Mair who is, or was, the President of Melbourne Bushwalkers Club. It contains links to various walking Apps but also to many downloadable PDF booklets and brochures about local heritage and self guided walks prepared by various different councils in Melbourne. They contain a lot of interesting information.

This might encourage you to explore new walks in your own suburb.

The Melbourne Walking Club (MWC) was founded in 1894 and is the oldest walking club in Australia. Membership is open to anyone, male or female, aged 18 years or over.

The Melbourne Walking Club today has approximately 285 members. The Club is affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria, and MWC members are insured through this organization when taking part in Club events.

Most of the Club walks are currently one-day walks in suburban and country areas and are held during the week and usually on two Sundays each month. The walks range from easy metropolitan walks to more difficult walks in the bush. Extended walking and camping activities are also encouraged. Walks on weekdays are popular events for members who have retired or are perhaps working part-time, just as the Sunday walks program is popular with members who are still working. Occasional bike rides, bus trips and cycling weekends may be included in the programme. Activities are listed in a monthly Circular. Over a 12 month period, there are usually about 100 events in the Club program.

The Club owns a modern ski lodge on Mt Buller, available to members and their guests for both winter and summer use. A nightly tariff is charged to stay at the lodge which varies according to the time of year.

The Club also has a bush hut, located in a tranquil setting 90 minutes from Melbourne, which is available to members and their guests to stay and enjoy the bush without the need to carry and pitch a tent.

The aims of the Melbourne Walking Club are to promote and encourage recreational walking in congenial company and to foster the conservation of our natural heritage. Walking is an enjoyable and healthy recreation and, with plenty of opportunity for discussion on the experiences of life, friendships are formed amongst members.

The Club welcomes anyone who may be thinking about joining a bushwalking club and would like to participate in a walk as a visitor. Click here for Membership details, or Contact Us for more information.

Note: A $5.00 fee is charged to all visitors attending club walks. Click here for more details.

To download forms, visit the Downloads page.

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